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Dolce & Gabbana Celebrate Sophia Loren and Naples With a High, Low, and Hugely Fun Alta Moda Experience

The enthronement of Sophia Loren took place in a street in the Quartieri Spagnoli, right in the middle of old Naples tonight. Effectively, that’s what Dolce & Gabbana arranged for Italy’s great movie diva of divas, a ceremony which backgrounded its Alta Moda collection, both literally and symbolically. “This is my place, my land. Sometimes, it is not just about the clothes,” declaredDomenico Dolce, backstage before the show (if you can call the cloisters of a baroque church “backstage”). “It is inspired by Sophia, by Naples, and tradition. She grew up not far from here, and many of her movies were set here. There’s one she was in called Miseria e Nobiltà,” he continued. “Naples is still like this today, very poor on one hand, but with this incredible Baroque architecture, the Spanish influence on the other. There are all these specialist craftspeople in the little shops here, family businesses, each making something differently. This is what Stefano and I relate to. It is authentic.”

Photo: Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana
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#DolceandandGabbana #FashionModels #Femalemodels #ModelAgency

Amongst the rails hung with richly embroidered, painted, needle-pointed, and gilded clothes swung a corseted swimsuit with a white satin sash, the words Miss Eleganza sewn in gold beads. It was a reminder that Sophia Loren’s first step to fame was competing in a local beauty contest, the break that took a girl from impoverished postwar circumstances to becoming the first Italian performer to win an acting Oscar. Now 81 years old, sparkling in rose-patterned sequins, and still in charge of an impressive plunging décolletage, Miss Loren made her way to be seated on a gilded velvet throne on a grandstand built on one of Naples’s oldest thoroughfares. Above, Neapolitan families of many generations, babies to grannies, hung from apartment windows and lined every available rooftop to cheer, applaud, and call her name. A local brass band of mostly senior signori marched by in boisterous salute, and then the girls, 99 of them, finally started to pick their way down the cobbled street.
Dolce & Gabbana really do go to town with their Alta Moda. The guests were the international superrich, who clearly love to buy their elaborately decorated, feminine clothes, but it was almost certainly the locals who had a better insight into all the homages to La Loren’s movie costumes and references to high Catholicism, folk art, and food. Each look was garlanded with extraordinary collaged headresses involving flowers; satin bows; hearts; and at one point, a cake. There were balconette necklines and curvy pencil skirts; sexy dresses with swishing hems reminiscent of Loren’s “poor-girl” ’40s roles; and incredibly fitted black suits and coats made for going to mass, but worn over sensual satin slips.
The designers allowed themselves more passages of humor, surreal exaggeration, and irony than usual—something to do with immersing themselves in the heady southern Italian mix of religion and street life. A gold brocade bejeweled cape, like something from a religious festival, was topped with a towering bishop’s mitre, and one girl teetered along in her glittery heels with what looked like an entire shrine on her head. Then turned up a pouffy blue skirt circled with an entire washing line hung with appliquéd stockings and lingerie; and, bringing cheers from the balconies, a girl in a satin soccer shirt with Sophia on the front andMaradona 10 on the back.
High, low, and huge fun it was, classic Dolce & Gabbana, with a nod to the currently rising shoulder line, a “pizza”-tablecloth puffed-sleeve blouse here; a richly gilded bolero jacket there; flashes of the ’80s, back again. Which, come to think of it, brings Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana almost full circle to when they started. Somewhere in the crowd was the model Marpessa Hennink, who starred in an early advertising campaign the designers shot with her in the Naples street market. They were penniless then, but already enamored with the idea of saying something about their country. And look at them now.

Majestic Wishes 1st Charity Ball

MajesticWishes Children’s Charity very first Blacktie Charity ball tok place on Saturday 18th June in Chester. Were children from MajesticModels and Casting strutted their stuff down the glitzy runway along with some of the Majestic Wishes, but some of the real hero's on the day were the brave poorly children who also took to the runway.

#MajesticModels #MajesticWishes #Fashionshow #Catwalk #Charity

#MajesticModels #MajesticWishes #Chesterthecat #Fashionshow #Catwalk #Charity

#MajesticModels #MajesticWishes #Fashionshow #Catwalk #Charity

#MajesticModels #MajesticWishes #Fashionshow #Catwalk #Charity

#MajesticModels #MajesticWishes #Fashionshow #Catwalk #Charity

#MajesticModels #MajesticWishes #Fashionshow #Catwalk #Charity

#MajesticModels #MajesticWishes #Fashionshow #Catwalk #Charity

#MajesticModels #MajesticWishes #Fashionshow #Catwalk #Charity #boss being sung #HappyBirthday

#MajesticModels #MajesticWishes #Fashionshow #Catwalk #Charity

#MajesticModels #MajesticWishes #Fashionshow #Catwalk #Charity

Add #MajesticModels #MajesticWishes #Fashionshow #Catwalk #Charity

#MajesticModels #MajesticWishes #Fashionshow #Catwalk #Charity

The Majestic ball was to raise awareness of Majestic Wishes, featuring many of the gorgeous Majestic Models including some of the special children that have asked us to help make their wishes come true. The event featured: a fashion show, and live entertainment, lovely 3 course diner, auction and some amazing entertainment by the amazing Nolan Terry who sand Motown and swing and not to forget the amazing Rosemary Quaye - Saxaphone who plays the saxophone.

Not to mention Chester the Cat from Dee Radio who made a guest appearance for the children.

We also had REAL WOMAN WALK walk the catwalk strutting their stuff to show real curves and to show is what fn is all about. Our ladies and cute youngsters had their turn in the spotlight, cheered on by an amazing audience.

#MajesticWishes #ChildrensCharity 

Majestic Wishes is a new children's charity, that believes a wish for a child is a once in a lifetime experience and is committed to making these wishes come true for children and young people who are seriously ill, fighting a life threatening condition or suffer from abuse and neglect. By making a wish come true we can say to these children ‘today isn’t about hospitals, it is about hope’. At desperate times when there seems to be no hope we aim to wipe away any tears and inject sparkle into the lives of these special children:
Fashion comes to Chester will be our next event - WATCH THIS SPACE :) 

If you wish to get involved, make a donation or show your support in anyway then please do get in touch info@majesticwishes.co.uk www.majesticwishes.co.uk

Burberry results digital and mobile make it a luxury firm in a million: WE LOVE BURBERRY

Burberry results digital and mobile make it a luxury firm in a million:

Burberry’s in the news at the moment. No, wait, Burberry’s always in the news. Just more so at the moment. Only a couple of days after announcing Christopher Bailey would step down as CEO, the company issued a trading update this morning that the news media is jumping all over.
Newspaper and websites largely jumped on the negatives in the announcement and perhaps that’s not a shock given that Burberry has some major challenges ahead (not least among them a new management structure that replaces Christopher Bailey with an external CEO while appearing to give him as much power as ever).

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But what’s more interesting than the basic sales figures is its news around digital. Digital grew strongly in all regions during Q1 (no surprise there) and Burberry’s digital growth is being driven by mobile that now approaches 60% of traffic to its site.
Let’s just step back a minute and look at that figure. This is a luxury brand, part of a sector that took virtually a decade to even recognise the existence of the internet. It’s also part of a sector that loves beautifully crafted websites that are seen at their best on large retina screens.
Yet that 60% means Burberry is enjoying the kind of website traffic via mobile that we’d expect to see in the mass-market from brands such as New Look or River Island.
It’s a testament to the investment Burberry has put into digital and a signal to its luxury peers that the ‘M’ in m-commerce can stand for lots of things as well as mobile (Mass, Margins, Momentum, and downright Marvellous, for instance).
Importantly, Burberry has also focused clearly on omnichannel where the stores work with the e-store and the warehouses for a seamless customer experience. The company said this morning that its single pool of inventory model has been further expanded, with about 90 stores now live globally, improving stock availability for all online markets and helping to drive digital/mobile growth further.
 http://fashionandmash.com/…/burberry-results-digital-mobil…/ ‪#‎modelagency ‪#‎creative‬ ‪#‎models

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Victoria Beckham - Designer was slammed for using thin models in recent fashion show

'They're thin, but that doesn't mean they're ill': Victoria Beckham defends using slim models 'who needed feeding' to showcase her designs at New York fashion week

  • Designer was slammed for using thin models in recent fashion show
  • Hundreds of fans complained directly to the star on social media
  • Victoria has hit back, saying all the girls in her show were 'healthy'
  • Insists that her collections are designed for women of all shapes and sizes 
But the designer, 41, insists that her casting director liaised with the modelling agencies and ensured all the girls were healthy before the show. 

Victoria came under fire for choosing a gaunt looking Peyton Knight, 17, to close her Spring/Summer 2016 show at New York fashion week in September

Victoria came under fire for choosing a gaunt looking Peyton Knight, 17, to close her Spring/Summer 2016 show at New York fashion week in September

The collection was well received by fashion critics, but the designer received hundreds of complaints on social media for choosing ultra thin models to showcase her latest pieces 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3321748/Victoria-Beckham-defends-use-skinny-models-showcase-designs-New-York-fashion-week.html#ixzz3sQY6mA7X

OMG ladies - LOOK at our gorgeous Jordan vs Paul Wesley..

Helloooo girls!! OMG look at our gorgeous Jordan vs Paul 

Wesley.. What's your thoughts ?

You can view our hunks profile via clicking 

here ---->  on Jordan's name 

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The New Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra Is Finally Unveiled

To paraphrase Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in Scarface, when it comes to the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra, nothing exceeds like excess. A grand centerpiece of lingerie has been a longstanding tradition at Victoria’s Secret for nearly two decades, with iterations weighing down famous runway walkers like Claudia Schiffer and Gisele Bündchen with all manner of figure-accenting glamorous glitz. And after 685 hours of labor and more than 6,500 precious gems, the Fireworks Fantasy Bra is finally here. Worn by Victoria’s Secret veteran Angel Lily Aldridgeand crafted by the label’s traditional jeweler, Mouawad, the sleek demi-shaped bra is adorned with spark-like bursts of more than 14 different precious gems, from blue topaz and garnet to yellow sapphire—all set in 18-karat gold. As for the diamonds? The total weight is more than 375 carats—so imagine Angelina Jolie Pitt’s 16-carat engagement ring making rounds on a bustier about 23 times. In total, the combined weight of all the stones is just under 1,364 carats, while even the panties pack a punch, dotted with 126 diamonds and 400 other precious stones. But as for the most whopping figure? The price tag: The set is valued at $2 million. After all, who said underpinnings had to be barely there?
Here, watch Aldridge unveil the Fireworks Fantasy Bra with a shimmy and a shake.
lily aldridge fantasy bra


Photographed by Guy Aroch / Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

These Gorgeous Rings Have A Smart Secret

Wearable technology has a smart premise: It's designed to get you the information you need, when you need it, without you having to dig your phone out of your purse. Many of the current options out there really aren't that good-looking, though. Luckily, Ringly doesn't fall into that category. And today, it's also got new designs to choose from.

Ringly is a customizable, connected smart ring. Through its app, you can select which notifications you want sent to the ring, and you can choose color and vibration alerts that let you know what type of update your phone just received. This way, unlike with your regular phone-vibration alerts, you can immediately distinguish between a text from your boss and a new follower on Instagram. If it's the former, you can peek at your phone to see what it was. If it's the latter, you can ignore it until later (or not — we won't judge).

Ringly originally came in only one style, but today it adds three new gemstone options: black onyx, pink chalcedony, and labradorite. Some of the semi-precious gemstones are slightly translucent, so if you get a notification, a subtle light will shine through (light otherwise shines out the sides). Pricing starts at $195, and the rings are available for purchase today.